Hello Judacan fans and would be fans,

I take pleasure in writing this series as much as I hope you enjoy reading it.  JUDACAN ADVENTURES is based on my own experiences at Holy Child School and that of my mother, sisters, in – laws, editor and  friends who attended Wesley Girls, St. Roses , St. Louis, Mfantsiman, Aburi Girls and the myriad of boarding schools in Ghana.

Freshers’ Welcome was the first book in the series and it got so much positive reviews, I knew it could not end. Justify Your Inclusion followed a year later. I had thousands of children and teenagers asking when the next one would be out. It took a while, for those who had to wait for two years for Ms Fresher, I am sorry and to make up for your lengthy wait,  I added a bonus of Shadows of the Term.

I sincerely hope the extra book has made up for my long absence.  I am already working on the next two books; Christmas Memories and Drama Central. It is too early to say when it will be released but I will keep you informed. Thank you for reading my books. I love you all.

Please email me on samelia@readsamelia.com  I am keen to hear from you.





I’m Nagela St. James. My mother dragged me all the way from London, kicking and screaming to attend St. Jude’s Academy for girls(JUDACA for short), an all girls boarding school in Ghana.

I expected a dull, mundane experience but boy was I wrong.I’ve met and made friends with the coolest group of dorm and housemates, a girl could  ask for.

The seniors are on a power trip, but what else is new? I’d probably be the same, when I move up the pecking order to Form 2.

The teachers are a whole different can of worms.Take Sister Ngozie Margaret for instance. A nun whose footsteps you will have to be superhuman to hear her approach. Mr. Siaw, a teacher who can fly your books out of the classroom window when the mood takes him and  Mrs. Gambrah, our stern but concerned headmistress who is trying to introduce new methods of teaching and learning at JUDACA

Every day at JUDACA is an adventure and I mean literally, No two weeks are the same.

Still skeptical ? Buy a JUDACAN book and let me know what you think. My email is nagela@readsamelia.com



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